Company Overview

GLOBAL PROSPER LLC takes immense pride in its Mongolian heritage and is dedicated to providing superior medical services, nutritional supplements, and dietary education to the dynamic and evolving Mongolian community.

Similar to Mongolia’s population, the prevalence of critical noncommunicable diseases like heart disease, liver issues, type 2 diabetes, and cancer is rising due to poor eating habits and physical inactivity.

This alarming trend, stemming from a lack of nutritional education, spurred the establishment of Global Prosper LLC. Our aim is to heal, enlighten, and support our clients through a comprehensive range of offerings.


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Our organization is comprised of several key components

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesale and Distribution

  • Health Screening Center

  • Healthy Fitness Food and Catering

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GLOBAL PROSPER’s vision into reality.

Munkhzul Batmunkh, Chief Executive Officer

Munkhzul Batmunkh

Chief Executive Officer

Munkhzul Batmunkh, a luminary in the realm of management, has steered the helm of Global Prosper LLC since 2019.

With over 15 years of illustrious experience, Ms. Batmunkh has spearheaded large-scale government projects funded by prestigious institutions such as the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank. Her acumen spans domains, encompassing finance, local business intricacies, and the legal landscape.

Graduating with distinction, she holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Economics from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary, further honing her prowess with a Corporate Finance degree from Georgetown University, USA.

Erkhembayar Amgalanbaatar

Chief Operating Officer

Erkhembayar Amgalanbaatar is a distinguished leader with eight years of profound experience in business management and logistics. As the Chief Operating Officer at GLOBAL PROSPER, he brings a wealth of expertise to drive operational excellence.

With a notable background, Erkhembayar co-founded a highly successful IT educational technology startup, which achieved remarkable growth and impact under his leadership as the COO for two years. The culmination of their efforts was marked by the successful sale of the startup to the government, a testament to his strategic acumen and visionary approach. Subsequently, he assumed the role of Business Development Director at Mongol Post JSC, Mongolia’s largest logistics company, where he orchestrated strategic initiatives to enhance operational efficiency and elevate customer experiences.

Erkhembayar’s academic journey is equally impressive, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Oregon State University. His commitment to continuous learning led him to further refine his strategic prowess at Harvard University, where he pursued studies in strategy, enriching his ability to navigate complex business landscapes.

Jijgee Jagar

Chief Medical Officer

Ms. Jijgee Jagar, a paragon of clinical excellence, occupies the role of Chief Medical Officer at Global Prosper LLC.

With an extensive tenure exceeding 20 years in the health sector, she emerges as an eminent registered pharmacist endowed with profound clinical acumen. Her illustrious journey includes a pivotal role as Chief Pharmacist for five years in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

A connoisseur of regulatory protocols, she wields expertise in good distribution practices (GPD) and quality control. Her academic accomplishments culminate in a doctorate degree in pharmacy from the prestigious Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences.

Dorjdulam Ayurzana

Director of Food and Nutrition Department

Overseeing the culinary and nutritional domain is Dorjdulam Ayurzana, Director of the Food and Nutrition Department at Global Prosper LLC.

With a notable seven-year expedition in the food and beverage industry, Ms. Ayurzana bears the mantle of an Associate of Occupational Studies Degree from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts, Los Angeles, California.

The distinguished corridors of “Spago” restaurant in Beverly Hills nurtured her culinary finesse as a sous chef, infusing her culinary creations with precision and artistry. A licensed nutritionist, Ms. Ayurzana zealously advocates for nutritional enlightenment, perpetuating a holistic approach to health and well-being.


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